The Crowdfunding Platform for Businesses

With Crowd0, raise money directly from a community that supports you. No debt, no interest, no problem.

Crowdfunding, made simple

Raise money directly from a community that supports you. No debt, no interest, no problem. In return for their support, you offer them rewards, which we help you deliver on. Our tools handle the fundraise end-to-end, so you can focus on doing what you do best - running your business!

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Why Crowdfund with us?

The Cheapest Financing Option
Rewards-based crowdfunding does not require you to give up equity or take on debt. You just provide rewards back to your community that passionately supports you.
Cultivate Your Support Base
Raising capital directly from your customers fosters a deeper sense of engagement, creating a community of supporters who are personally invested in the success and growth of your business.
Rewards Delivery, Made Easy
Our platform streamlines the fundraising process from start to finish by managing delivery of rewards to your customers post-raise.
Campaign Support
Don’t know much about crowdfunding? No worries! We will help you get your crowdfunding campaign up and running as well as provide on demand support during your campaign.
Brand Recognition and Marketing
Marketing and outreach are as important for growth as the capital itself. Launching a crowdfunding campaign can open up new positive marketing and PR opportunities.
Help us shape Crowd0
We are building out a set of tools for businesses to use both during and after crowdfunding campaigns. We want to hear from you about what you need.

We understand how difficult it is for small businesses to get funding.

Take your business to the next level fueled on customer support alone. Foster and grow a community around your business who are invested in your success. With interest rates on loans rising, crowdfunding is the cheapest way to raise capital.


Percentage of small businesses in UK

Small businesses also account for 48% of employment and 36% of all UK private sector turnover.


£22 Billion

The SME funding gap in the UK

In addition, 25% of small businesses that apply to banks have their loan applications rejected


10%+ Interest Rates*

Business Loans excedingly less viable for SMEs

This is in comparison to our crowdfunding fee of 5%, only payable if your campaign is sucessful.

*Across all major business loan providers in the UK, loans of ~£25,000 with a term of 12 months consistently offer interest rates greater than 10%

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